can't figure out lighting

I’m working on an interior scene and running v 4.24.2 and I’ve started with the arch viz preset. I left the Environment folder with the ExponentialHeightFog, PostProcessVolume and SunSky. I have track lighting on two sides of this foyer area.

Before I bake anything (with all the environment elements turned off) you can see my spotlights (using an IES file) illuminate the walls just fine.

After I do a lighting bake it only has one spotlight showing.

Then if I turn on the PostProcessVolume and SunSky objects and do a bake, I’m left with no spot light lighting and the square ceiling lights that have an emissive texture no longer emit any light.

What is going on here? I just want to have the spot lights light up the wall, the ceiling lights emit light and the outside provide exterior lighting which should give a bit of light to the interior. Nothing is working as I am expecting and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve watched so many unreal lighting tutorials but no matter what I try, I can never get it to work properly. It looks like it should be relatively straight forward to set up lighting, but it seems like when I try, it must be some sort of black magic or something.


This is more than just a little odd, i have never seen this type of thing, all i can say is make sure they are static, check if they have affect world ticked on, and delete/place them again.

  • have you tried without the IES?