can't edit spline via blueprint at runtime

I’m trying to add points to a spline, but it seems nothing works. The nodes should be “add spline point”, “add point” and so on. Some of them just crash the editor other have no effect, is it actually possible to edit a spline at runtime?

Trying to do the samething there are like a million tuts out there for splines but none of them show how to edit /place spline points at runtime via a pistol for example…:confused:

It seems to work fine:


For editing, you’d need to know which spline you want to edit. So you either know the index, or detect the index closest to a specific location. And then Set Location at Spline Point using that index. Editing splines run-time is not uncommon.
For something more advanced, if you wanted to add / edit splines that are not based on location of some other geometry, you can use Line Plane Intersection (Origin & Normal) - it’s like a virtual plane you can trace against.