Can't disconnect and reconnect to listen server

Hello all I’ve done some searching around but not finding anything super diffinitive.

Here is the setup…

Copy of the project is on another computer. I launch both the games and set one to host a listen server.the other searches and finds it over the Internet (using steam)

They connect fine

But if I take the one who joined and close the program or console reconnect or disconnect.

It cannot find the listen server anymore.

I have a feeling on destroyed something is not cleaning up both the joining computer and the hosting computer need to close out of the game and relaunch for a connection to be a made again.

Can someone point me where to look?

In going to test with 3 computers later to narrow it down to the single session being denied if possible

I think I figured it out… My network error handlers where calling destroy session on both client AND server…


Maybe not… Still sometimes gives a black screen