Cant Delete C++ class from my project

Ok so I was trying to delete a few classes that I didn’t need that I created my self, but they do not disappear. I delete it in visual studio recomp and still there in the editor. I try deleting it from the directory once again still there so how do I get rid of custom classes should the need arise?

Also off topic… is there a way to keep the launcher from opening every time I change a project or Open the editor?

Ah yes the unkillable zombie classes :slight_smile:

I believe the trick is to:

  • shut down the editor
  • remove the classes from the solution explorer in VS (and then also from disk)
  • right click on the project (and the solution?) in the solution explorer and choose “clean project” (gets rid of old obj files which I think is what makes the classes show up in UE4)
  • then right click on your projects .uproject file (in explorer) and choose “generate visual studio project files”.

At least I think that’s it. It’s one of those things that happens just infrequently enough that by the time you need to remember how to do it again, it’s been long enough that you’ve forgotten :rolleyes:

that worked thanks