Can't Decipher Texture Problem.

Could someone please explain to me why this mesh is showing pure blackness in the shadows? I would like to be able to see the inside of this rock formation at least a bit instead of pure black.
Thanks in advance.



Most likely your lightmap UV’s are incorrect or your lightmap resolution is too low, default is 32 which would be way too low for that type of thing.

And when you say lightmap UV’s, you are referring to the process in which I bake the lighting onto the texture through maya, correct? Also, which lightmap resolution would you suggest I try? Perhaps 128?

Hi Savaikun,

You can find out more about Lightmapping and how it related to UE4 at this link here.

You won’t have to bake your lighting through Maya though as the lighting back is handled through UE4.

Essentially you’ll want to set up two UV channels. The first is for your textures and the second is specifically for lightmaps that will be baked through UE4. The default resolution for meshes is 32 but you’ll need to up that (depending on the size of your model as DarthViper107 pointed out) to a higher number to get more crisp shadow information.

Definitely check out the link and let us know if you have any more questions. Lightmapping is a big topic for those new to it and there are a lot of things you can do to make your mesh look its best using it.

Hope this helps you out!

Here is a tutorial how you create lightmaps in maya:

Also make sure that you add a skylight, then the mesh wont be so dark.

btw, I will move this thread into the “rendering” section of the forum so that it is in the right place :wink: