Can't cook or package project

“You may have to build the UE4 project with your IDE.”

I’ve built the engine from source. Generated project files. Opened the project with VS, built both the UE4 engine and the project solution from Visual Studio (target is up to date).
using development, win64.
this is so frustrating.


When i right-click my project in visual studio and select build, this happens:

so i have no idea what ive done wrong if it builds correctly. if i do a search in the root project folder there’s no .exe anywhere, so im not sure if im building but just have no idea where the finished game is going, or if something is wrong… please help

trying to package game in ue4 gives me this at the end:

Pastebin link for the output log:

ok so i just tried building from visual studio again and got this…

When i build the engine i get this:


When you build UE4 with solution configuration “Development Editor/Win64”, you create binaries only for Editor. You need switch solution configuration to “Development/Win64 (or Win32, or Android, or HTML5, etc)” and create build for each of configurations. After this you can package your projects.