Can't connect or change the Blackboard Key with a created Enum.

Hello, I followed recently a tutorial by Ryan Laley on Youtube, where he created a Dialogue System with the Behavior Tree.…ds62TI_0WG4sW- After I finished his tutorial series, I started his quest system series and tried my best to connect them, but I failed. I followed his quest system series until part 4, and I want to connect the two systems. If you talk to the NPC and then ask him if he needs help, the quest UI should open and react differently depending on my “answer”.∈dex=4 My Main Problem is with the Behavior Tree, because I can’t change or Update the Value, when I press the Button “accepted” or “rejected”. I also asked in the Answerhub and someone helped me to a point where I should make a Enum instead of booleans. I had before 3 boolean variables. Here is a Google Drive Link, which lead to Screenshots, to understand my Situation better…20?usp=sharing Please, I really need your help. I’m stuck on that problem for several days. The current Images are “AI_Debugging_Enum_…”, “Behavior_Tree_5_with_Blackboard_Based_Condition”, “Enum_For_Quest_UI_Blackboard”.I’m sorry if you can’t see anything in this picture, but I was forced to change the resolution. The Google Drive images are better.