Cant connect my xbox account to my pc account

hello! im a console player (xbox) transitioning over to PC and i need help. I want to bring my skins and everything over as well, but…when i try to link my xbox account with my pc one it says this account has already been linked somewhere else. Anyone know how to fix this?

As far as I know there is no transfer solution. But if you want to connect your accounts you will do the following

  • from site
  • profile (personal)
  • from the dash board
  • connected accounts
  • then you will see the place for your accounts.
  • and connected what you want

not able to link xbox account to pc please help


i cant linked it because its say already linked to the epic games account
that y i need to delete my account on here please i need to connect my account on my xbox

u can email me at
thanks you

I have same problem no solution