Cant Compile Code Project for iOS on OS X

Not sure if this is the right section as it also pertains to iOS, but it is a code project.

Every time I try compiling my project, it always fails, spitting out a ton of errors pertaining to NavMesh (my project does not even use nav mesh or any AI).

I’ve attached my log to this post… its quite lengthy, but basically it talks about this:

MainFrameActions: Packaging (iOS): mono: [8/8] clang++ /Users/lucas/Documents/Unreal Projects/Not Big Enough Games/RelicsOfRa/Binaries/IOS/RelicsOfRa-IOS-Shipping
 MainFrameActions: Packaging (iOS): mono: Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:

I understand thats a pretty usual error, but if you look at the log its quite lengthy.

Let me also say I haven’t actually modified or added any non-default code here… This is also shows 8/8 for Clang as I also have the Universal Ad Plugin installed, but even with this plugin disabled I get the same errors.

I also should mention I transferred this project over from Windows, but made it a code project on my Mac. I attempted creating a blank code project on my mac (which compiled fine at first), but once I merged over all content and also copied my config files over to the new project, it started failing again. I’ve tried compiling on both 4.10 and 4.11 and get the same problem on both versions.

Some help on this would really be awesome, as I need to finish this soon.

I also put this on the answer hub: Cant package code project for iOS on Mac OSX - UE4 AnswerHub

Double post. I managed to figure out the issue with this.

Basically, in my PAK Blacklist Shipping config file, I had bCompileICU=False. This needs to be set to true for it to compile. What it actually does, I have really no idea, but I guess it needs to be enabled at least for my project.