Can't bind 2 events in Widget Blueprint

Hello, my hud has 2 bars, one for mana and one for health. I’ve a shop in a separate blueprint class to buy “buff” that increase your life. Let’s say your life is 100 you buy it, it set +10 on current health so the current health and max health become 110. I tried to implement a system that increase the size of the bar when health is > 100. I’ve also another event to play an animation when the life is low BUT can’t make work both on the same moment and can’t find why. How it’s linked actually, the “Increase life system” works only if the event “low life” initialized first. How can I make those 2 events works at anytime ? Thank you for help, I hope you understand my problem and if not just ask me what you didn’t get.

Anyone has a solution ?