Can't attach actor to MyCharacter?

So I KNOW the InputAction works (tried it with the jump function), but I don’t know why the rest of this doesn’t execute as expected. What I have here is a separate “football” blueprint that I am trying to attach to MyCharacter upon pressing a key. This doesn’t work. What’s wrong with my setup?


I 've just do this try which worked fine:

I suppose your trouble is that your bp football is not referenced. You need to set it on event begin play with the bp football spawned in level (get all actors / get / set)
As you are in your character bp, you don’t need to have get player character / mesh. By checking “show inherited variables” in my blueprint you’ll have access to it.

What is the root component on your football actor? I noticed that in some cases components do not follow the root component, still not sure how exactly it works. Actor attaches just fine and moves with my character but the static mesh component maintains it’s position and does not follow the root component.

You can check if this is happening in your case by selecting your football actor, then pressing play, after your character spawns in press eject, check the position of the football, it should be marked with huge red cross. Press possess again, do whatever you do to attach it to your character, eject again, check position of the cross. If it is still on the football then I was wrong and this is a different issue. If the cross is on your character and not on the football, then this is it.

VRLtqq, thanks you helped me so much!