Cannot type in just numbers for FNames in Editor

Dear Friends at Epic,


  • open a character blueprint
  • get mesh
  • from get mesh , get socket location

try to type in just a number for a socket name

it will just keep deleting it

#What Should Happen

Internal conversion from the numeric data to FString, and FString to FName, so that you can enter just numbers for socket names


Howdy Rama,

I have looked into your issue and found that variable names are unable to have a digit as the beginning of a name. Only after you begin the name with a letter, are you then able to enter a digit after. In the Programmers Language - C++, found here, under section 2.11, you can see the proper way to name an identifier.

Also, the cplusplus website, found here, states that “in no case” can a valid identifier begin with a digit.

Thanks and have a great day!

I’m not talking about variable names!

I am talking about the value!


FString MyVariableName = “1”;


FName MyHappyName = “1”;

I am talking about entering the VALUE of an FName inside of a Node in the editor


Hey Rama,

The value of a Name variable follows the same coding standards as C++ Variable names. When you are renaming the socket name, in the Event Graph, a letter has to precede the number you are attempting to enter. It is a limitation of their design, the first character has to be a letter.

Let me know if that helps. Thanks!

Hmmm, well I was able to name my sockets has just numbers just fine, I just had to use a bit of a round about way to access the socket’s location using Get Socket Location since I could not enter just a number there :slight_smile:

I made a variable FName and converted a FString to an FName, after converting the FString based on a looping index counter :slight_smile:

Thus I could cycle through 6 sockets named 0 to 6