cannot trace an actor

I’m using sphere trace by objects to trace if any actors in the area and hit them. And this game is a network game. But I can’t get any hit results, though there are actors in the sphere.

Does that actor use skeletal mesh?

For testing add sphere collision (or capsule) to it. And see if you can trace that.

Unreal does not trace skeletal meshes by default, you need to enable per poly collision and do some more voodo. I never succeed with tracing skeletal mesh,

It is a 2d game so I am not using skeletal mesh. Do I need to add a skeletal mesh in my character? The third picture shows the root collision capsule’s collision presets.

and why u dont use overlapping events for that? If u want to check for traces is cause u want only to give an event when u have direct visibility of it, no? U can do a line trace from a start vector to an end vector and see if there is something beetwen and check what is seeing when OVerlapevent start.

Skeletal meshes go well in multiplayer with line traces, but only if u have a lag camera behind ur component camera, it is needed, wihout it, u cant do line traces (unless it is AI, which can do line traces always without lag camera). U can get name of bones and etc in multiplayer if u have the lag camera component, in spanish is “brazo de resorte” and enable for pawn character.

Then set collision for capsule. Collision is confusing it only works when all elements are set correctly.