Cannot StaticLoadObject() from Plugin Content folder

Loading an asset from Game’s Content folder may be done by using a path with “Game” linker, e.g.
StaticLoadObject(UBlueprint::StaticClass(), nullptr, “/Game/Characters/BP_MyCharacter”)

However, I am not able find a way to make the same for Plugin’s content folder:

Replacing “/Game/” for “/Plugins/PluginContentPath/” does not work - I am getting “LogUObjectGlobals: Warning: LoadPackage can’t find package /Plugins/…”

I use the StaticLoadObject as follow:
UBlueprint* BlueprintActor = Cast(StaticLoadObject(UBlueprint::StaticClass(), nullptr, *ActorClassPath));

Notes: I use UBlueprintFunction Plugin type.
I tried use modify the path in various ways but nothing worked for me.

Edit. Found a solving - do not use the “/Plugins/” in the Path.

“/Game/PathToAsset” for Assets in Game’s Content window
“/PluginName/PathToAsset” for Assets in Plugin’s Content window

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