Cannot see fast small projectile with high emissivity

Hi all,

I have a projectile blueprint that glows white light and its dimentions are ~1.26cm^3.
My problem is that after it has travelled ~10 metres away from the camera, I cannot see the light anymore.

I assume the problem is that the projectile is so small that after a certain distance, UE4 decides not to render it anymore.

Anyone know a way around this?

I have tried adjusting the min/desired max draw distance under rendering in the static mesh component, but no luck.


Bloom (emissiveness) is a post-processing effect, so the particle needs to take up at least 1 pixel for the effect to show up.
What you can do is either scale the particle over life in the particle system if it will always move away from the player camera, or if that is not the case use a ‘camera fade’ function in your material, multiply your VertexNormalWS by however much you need to make it bigger for the effect to show up at far distances, and lerp between the VertexNormalWS and the multiplied version of that, with the camera fade node as the alpha, and plug that in to the world position offset node in the particle’s material.

I’ve just had this problem with a vr game - bloom is a post process so if your emissive object is very small it won’t glow even if it’s very emissive. In my game the emissives are strobe lights on a drone - I made my emissive surfaces globes with full roughness set to additive. I have a function which enlarges the globes based on the distance from the player so they are always bright at any distance.

I decided to scale up the static mesh based on the distance from the projectile and camera, and it works.
Thank you for the help! :slight_smile: