Cannot run/increase walk speed on client

I cannot increase max walk speed on client. It can only be done on the server. I have a video showing how the setup for this is fine. I’m losing my mind trying to figure out why I cannot run/increase max walk speed while holding shift on the client while it works perfectly fine on the server.
Blueprint replicated? - Check
Variables replicated? - Check
Gamemode changed? - Check

I don’t get it!!!

Still can’t figure it out - going on 6 hours of debugging. Going crazy.
Can someone replicate this issue?
Simply create a 3rd person w/ blueprints project. Set left shift to run. set if pressed to increase max walk speed of character movement to 1000 and if released to set it to 500. I can replicate this issue over and over with new projects…Make sure you set the game to run 2 clients 1 for server (which always works) and 1 for client…client won’t be able to move faster…no matter what.

I feel ya, I’m having similar issues. Can’t seem to get my AimOffset to replicate.

[video]Desktop 05.18.2014 - - Google Drive

Try having a server side function for changing your character speed.

When the function runs, have it change your character speed, which should then replicate back to the client.

i have the same issue with damage system, eg. server can deal damage to clients, but the clients cant deal damage to server or other clients.