Cannot package project if Engine is in a different

When I’m trying to package my project with Unreal Engine 4.9 , the target folder is empty.

My Engine stays in a different partition of my HDD so I can conserve space on my main partition. When the engine is, for example, in partition D: and I try to pack it to my C: partition, I get the following error:

Warning Warning Unable to generate long package name for C:/Users/<Username>/Documents/Unreal Projects/<Project Name>/Content/StarterContent/Materials/M_Metal_Gold.uasset because FilenameToLongPackageName failed to convert 'C:/Users/<Username>/Documents/Unreal Projects/<Project Name>/Content/StarterContent/Materials/M_Metal_Gold.uasset'. Attempt result was 'C:/Users/<Username>/Documents/Unreal Projects/<Project Name>/Content/StarterContent/Materials/M_Metal_Gold', but the path contains illegal characters ':'

If I try to pack it into the same partition as the engine is, all is fine, but the partition for the engine is small and if I expand my project further, I might have no space.

Hey Mehtehtrollface,

You should have no trouble packaging your project while the engine is on a different . I package projects on the C every day while the engine is on the D . The error that I see within the snippet of you provided is that the engine can’t generate a name so long. Try lowering the amount of characters used and make sure that there aren’t any special characters within that full filepath.

Let me know if that does not work, thank you.

Yep, that actually worked if I just put it in a simple folder in the different . Apparently I got confused by the “illegal character” in the error message, thinking it was because of the “C:/” in the location. Still a problem as I’m just trying to save it to my documents, as it’s right next to my Unreal Projects folder.

Thanks for the help!