Cannot package for VR, Project Launcher stuck at launching UAT and output log says "cooker has been idle for a long time"

So I’m trying to package my VR application for Oculus Quest 2 and I’ve followed the official oculus guides along with the latest additions to the settings recommended in the forums and it worked, sort of; the project launches but each lens displays the same image and half of it is still while the other half is properly updating like it should. But that’s a different matter. I wanted to save these settings and created a VR template project and used the exact settings again except for this project, the project launcher is just stuck at the “Launching UAT” portion (for 1 and a half hour now) whereas, every time I launch the previous project, it takes 2 seconds and then moves on.
These are the packaging settings I have used for both projects

Here’s a screenshot of the Project Launcher

And here is it’s attached output log
ProjectLauncher.log (10.6 KB)

I think I solved this. I had a plugin turned on that wasn’t needed. In my case the “VRExpansion” Plugin was turned on and since I didn’t use any of it’s assets, it need’nt be turned on. I disabled it and UAT didn’t take more than 2 seconds. I should say that while I still have a myraid of other issues, this problem wasn’t present when I packaged a project that did actively use the plugin and it’s assets. So plugin being turned on but not in use was the culprit in this case.

So for future reference: Turn off all plugins that are irrelevant to the project.