Cannot open "Compare" Subpanel on Mac (4.24.3)

As on the topic, the Compare function of Blueprint on Mac seems to be not working…
On windows, if you move your cursor on the “Compare” panel, it pops up a subpanel and starts gather the git information, but that didn.t went well on my Mac, which didn’t pop anything at all.
I tried to click it, double click it, or hover on it for a long time, no response at all.
Do any of you have the same problem?

And also, the data cloned from the github also won’t mathch to the original data (Which I have uploaded with another Windows computer), some of the Blueprints are out-of-date even the VCS saids they are up-to-date. (In short, same version, different Blueprints).

(Adition: The VCS is Git.)