Cannot hide mouse cursor during play

Hi guys so as stated in an earlier post i have lost my projects but by some miracle i was able to salvage an old project from one of my very old backup dvds i had lying around .But i have a problem that i cannot seem to solve on my own …When i press play the mouse cursor is shown in the viewport window and stops me from controlling the camera as normal becasue it gets stuck at the edge of the screen etc … I have tried turning show mouse cursor off in the level bp but it does not work …im using unreal 4.16 and the project was originaly created in 4.15 maybe even 4.14

Can we see your blueprint just to make sure its not a blueprint mistake?

yes not a problem i assume you mean the level bp? But i will mention that this project never had this issue before

Ok so i rebuilt and now everything works as expected sorry for wasting your time guys