Cannot Get Collision to be Detected-Help


I am new to unreal, and decided to take on the bull for a final project for a college course.

I have an actor, and I am using the FPS Blueprint.

The amount of time I have spent watching and reading tutorials is slightly embarrasing. Especially considering I still can not get this to work.

I have tried atleast 5 different ways to try and get the collision to be detected and I do not know what is wrong.

In summary: I have added tags to the bullet and the actor. I have checked simulate hit events on both. I have generate overlap event check. I have ccd checked.

I will add pictures of the graphs below of both of the items and their viewports. I know the execute lines are not drawn between most of the events because it does not appear the collision is ever detected which i realized after attempting to print to the screen a message both from the bullet and the actor. Neither printed to the output log or the screen therefore I assume the collision is not happening.

There is 4 different pictures of the different methods I have tried for the collision see blake images as the “enemy”

Thank You! Help would be much appreciated this project is due friday and I have put an unreal amount of time into just trying to kill the enemy.

Looks like your tag on the actor is set to ‘Orb’ and the tag on your projectile is set to ‘Bullet’. Try changing Orb to Bullet. Also, try bypassing all your tag checks to troubleshoot the issue. This may tell you if it is a collision issue or a tag issue.

Also noticed some of your hit events are not hooked up, and some are set to hit on Sphere but you have no sphere component, these hit events might need to be updated.