Cannot find any Trees to populate my scene

I’ve just started learning UE and have created some land scape and now I’m on to the vegetation which requires the Foliage tool. .
I just dragged the Static Mesh called ‘Cube’ into the Foliage section so I can apparently add trees etc, however I can not see how I change the Cube mesh to anything else.
Is there not a native library of plants and trees etc I can find easily?

There is no library included with UE4 to paint trees. There is a free sample pack of tree assets from SpeedTree available here:

There are a couple of other trees that can be found in some of the example content from the marketplace as well.

Aside from these you’ll need to create or purchase your own foliage assets.

Thank you!


Unfortunately there is no native tree library :slight_smile:

But you can use the ones from the marketplace -> “Blueprints”, “Landscape Mountains” or use speed tree -> (there you can also find free sample trees) or use those meshes ->

Here you can also get some (but they are not “engine ready”):

Ok so I have no dowloaded the files and extracted on my computer, how do I add them to the content library and find them in Unreal so I can paint them?

It depends which ones you have downloaded ^^

Meshes: export it as a fbx + textures -> import it -> create a material from the texture -> apply it to your mesh (rough overview) :slight_smile:

I downloaded the recommended free tree pack and I have Unreal 4.5.1

Then you just have to normally import them -> like in the upper video (without the speed tree modelere part)

When you say export as fbx its sounds like you mean from a tree I’ve created in SpeedTree.

I think I need tutorial video for this process.

open project IMPORT > create a material from the texture > apply it to my mesh.

The youtube video above goes from speedtree directly to painting trees in the scene

Wait a sec, I will record a video :wink:

1st part -> speedtree (free package)
2nd part -> a mesh from blender

Yep, just saw that the video that I posted earlier just showed how to add wind :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps for putting a video together, I really appreciate it.

I noticed the “imported as normal map” notification when I did it (before you uploaded this video) and thought I had done something wrong. Is it normal for that to happen?

Yep, thats normal -> the engine automatically sets the texture mode to “normal” when you import it. When you click onto “revert” it will put it back to the default settings otherwise it will keep “normal”. :slight_smile:

So when you import a normal map, click onto “OK” otherwise on “revert”