Cannot figure out how to replicate the VR Grab Actor mechanics. Please help :)

I’ve been breaking my head over this for three days now.

Currently I have the VR Pawns in the VR Template set up so that you can see eachother over multiplayer. You can wave at eachother, follow eachother around, etc.
Next step is to implement the picking up and dropping of the PickupCube objects, also in the template.
But for the life of me, I cannot get this to work.

The furthest I’ve gotten is that the Client can see the Server move stuff around, but when the Client tries to interact with the cubes, they either don’t replicate to the server, or they snap back into the server’s position after dropping.

I’m currently trying to put the code in the PickupCube object, but please disregard any of this, because clearly I still don’t understand replication.


I’m probably doing this all wrong, so I’d really appriciate some pointers on how to make this work. My goal is to have 2 players build something with blocks in the level.

I’m also interested in this kind of setup for multiplayer.

The networking was difficult to set? would you mind sharing some BP setup? :slight_smile: