Cannot build my lighting

I have a very huge outdoor map… with a lot of foliage. I added Lightmap importance volumes to the areas that are important :slight_smile:
after every light build i get this message log :


I tried reducing lighmap resolution from 2048 to as low as 256…but still the same!

What is the problem here?

Hey Roginich!

Going from the last entry in the log, you seem to be running out of RAM. Either try reducing the lightmap resolution further, or limiting the amount of foliage. I haven’t played around much with outdoor scenes, but wouldn’t it perhaps be better to use dynamic light/shadows in those situations?

I removed as much foliage as I could…I will also try reducing lightmap resolution even further…I’ve been thinking of dynamic light/shadows, yes !

Will try it

If you are trying to do a large scene, then dynamic lighting is the only option, look at any big games and they use that. Since even if you could build it, it would take a massive amount of disc space.