Cannot Activate/Deactivate Child Actor in Parent BP

Hi, im having a big issue with my child actor that cannot be deactivated/reactivated.

In any BP you can deactivate any component thats part of the BP scene but when im accessing my Child Actor component and i cast it to its BP type i can access anything about that BP except Activate/Deactivate, so i made some functions inside my child actor BP i made functions/custom events that call Activate/Deactivate and it doesnt work.

Is this a limitation by the engine? it doesnt allow you to deactivate child actors bp’s and why not? why does it compile without error/warning, even when i debug and execute the Deactivate node it doesnt complain it just doesnt do anything. Altough it doesnt allow me to access Activate/Deactivate directly.

For reference i have a Mech Robot that has a frontal energy shield, the shield cannot be just a static mesh it has to be a BP with custom properties/collision and sub-components and behaviour that i dont want in my MechRobot BP (i will have multiple types in the future i cant put its componets inside the mech BP it has to be child BP).

The way i solved this is by spawning the shield at an Arrow transform in Mech BP, i attach it’s root component to one of the mech BP components and then i destroy it instead of deactivating it.
This isnt right why would i have to spawn a new BP_Shield each time instead of activating deactivating the child?

I tried implementing Parent/Child Activation/Deactivation BP’s in version 4.18p4, 4.17.2, 4.16.3 engines, and none of them works hence its not a bug of a specific engine version, either this isnt allowed on purpose or its a much older bug ?

Any help is apreciated. I might have to sumbit a bug if this isnt done on purpose, but i wanted to be sure im not actually doing something wrong.

Hmm, i would probably get the child actor from the child actor component and cast it towards your actor.

Well so in a nutshell you cast to your mech from the energy shield and then you toggle active. Well at least that came to my mind, not having UE4 open right now, but should work somehow like that.