Can you view the skeleton when using 3DS Max CAT rig?

Im setting up a character using CAT. Is there a way to see the skeleton instead of the re-sized boxes, or maybe a way to see both? I’d like to be able to see where the joints connect easier for placement, and see how the skeleton lays out. I tried setting each bone to a width and depth of 1.0, but I think each bones volume gets taken into account when skinning.


If you’re using a more recent version of Max you can press “X” to bring up the Action Search, then type “Bone” to get the Bone Options. So, open Bone Options, select all your bones and in the Bone Options check on Show Links.

I don’t actually know if this tool is part of the menus, I don’t think so, I think it’s considered a redundant tool. But you can also find it in the Keyboard Shortcuts list where you can then just assign it a shortcut key, if you don’t have a Max version that has the Action Search option.

That worked great, thanks!