Can you use multiple cameras without render targets?


So I’ve been experimenting with a few things in the camera in UE4. Not working on anything in particular but one of the things I have been trying is a dynamic split screen using a canvas render target and a couple of 2D capture cameras. This works OK for having something like a plat former but it doesn’t seem the most efficient way to do it. You’re essentially rendering 3 cameras when you only need 2, there is a frame delay, its a little fiddly to get the resolution to match the screen or you have to have a much higher resolution on the target. There are more things I can see wrong with this method too.

Today I was thinking about how I could make a top down management sort of game. I haven’t got much specif in mind for it but I liked the idea of doing something like having a main view on one side of the screen and having a smaller view or 2 on the other side. Setting up the view with render targets would be pretty easy, but interacting with them would be more tricky. To my understanding, If I try clicking on the render target UE4 would register me clicking on the object or canvas that is displaying the image instead of the object in the image. So I would have to add an on click event to the object to ray cast from the camera to the the object I am trying to interact with.

This would work I believe, but has all the inefficiency issues I mentioned before. So is there another way to use 2 or more cameras at once without render targets?

Thanks for reading this. :slight_smile: