Can you use 3rd person mannequin animations for Owen skeletal mesh?

Hi everyone, I’m using the Owen skeletal mesh with the Owen_ExampleBP animation blueprint, would the idle animation for the 3rd person mannequin mesh work for the Owen skeletal mesh? I would like to give him the third person running animation as well because the character won’t be holding a gun the whole time.

Thank you

Yes, it can be done by retargeting the Owen skeletal mesh to the HeroTPP_Skeleton for the idle animation.

Thanks for the quick reply,

Do you know any way to fix an issue where importing animations are ending up on their back? Rotating the root of the model messes up previous animations

What program are you importing the animations from? Also, the root of the skeletal mesh and all subsequent animations derived from that skeletal mesh all need to be facing the same direction from the outset (Z up, Y forward.)