Can you synchronize video textures via blueprint?

Hi Everyone,

I need a bit of help figuring out how to do some tricky stuff with the cool new video textures feature that got introduced in 4.5. Basically I’m doing a project at the uni I work at where I’m doing a fly through of a new cave2 facility they’re building (a cave2 is a huge circular wall of monitors). I’ve actually got that bit going, but now I need to figure out how to simulate some demo content in another UE4 level being played on the cave screens.

Here’s what the demo content looks like:

Problem is, the caves display is a 320 degree wrap around setup so if I just whack one video on it, it’ll be really distorted and stretched. So I recorded the demo content with three cameras (one facing foward, and the other two facing 90 degrees to the left and right). That bit worked pretty well but now I have three HD videos to try and get going nicely all together at the same time (in sync) in my fly through level :rolleyes:

So I dug through the (small amount of) information available online about video textures and blueprints and came up with this setup:

2014-11-19 21 15 00.png

Just one small problem: it doesn’t work :o

If I press P to restart the videos they sort of play together:

2014-11-19 21 20 00.png

But if I press G to try and sync them manually using the timeline they just go ppptptptptptptptp and don’t play:

2014-11-19 21 20 01.png

The other problem I’ve run into is that when I try and record my fly through to video, the video textures are not playing at the same speed that the flythrough is being recorded (hence the attempt above to manually control their position).

Can anyone suggest anything for my blueprint? Particularly the bit when I’m trying to set the position of each of the videos…

i haven’t yet do any test on video textures so i can’t help you a lot but i would try first to replace the timeline by an int variable and a delay (delay 1 s : int = int + 1 / while loop / int = max int) to see if this is a part of the problem or not.