Can you set a variable type, so that it also applies to children of that type as well?

Hey all,

So i have a Struct that stores values, and one of these is where the character is currently assigned to work. Their will be multiple places where this character could work, each with their own unique times and tasks etc.

So i made a master blueprint that has all the common values, including location of the task, and i’ve created some children of it with their own values.

My problem comes when i want to tell my character to look in its assigned workstation in the Struct, and get some info from it (In this instance the location)

It can see the master variable just fine as its set to the Master variable type in the struct, but what if i want to see the variable in a child of that type. I’d rather not fill my struct up with every possible type of child, and it just seems theirs a rather obvious solution i’m missing here.