Can you reorder children inside a Horizontal/Vertical Box at runtime (UMG + Blueprints)

Hey all,

As the title says I’m having a little bit of trouble with a vertical box.

I’m trying to make a simple “Current Weapon” display, combined with being able to swap out weapons on mouse scroll/keyboard press.

Now all of this i’ve got working, but now I just to finish off the UMG side of things. I’ve a vertical box with all 5 slots in, that for now simply turns the correct widgets visibility on/off. When I turn it on it stays in the same location as it is in the vertical box, where ideally I want it to drop down to the bottom slot to look better.

I know I could just create the widget again and again showing the correct weapons, but I want to show all the weapons in the inventory at the same time, then have it drop down to the bottom slot

Is their an easy way to this, or am I better off abandoning showing the other weapons and just recreating the widget again and again with the correct details?