Can you remove Chaos Particles manually in 5.1?

I am looking for the Chaos equivalent to the Apex setting “Crumble Smallest Chunks”. When enabling this setting in Apex I was able to cause the removal, through collision damage, of the smallest unbreakable chunks of the destructible mesh. This removal generated a fracture event that let me know when it was removed (and where) and I was able to respond programmatically.

I would like this same functionality in Chaos. I have seen some discussion about sleep fields and such, but sleep won’t work for me unless I can force a particle asleep programmatically. In my case the player is actively attempting to remove broken pieces through gameplay so they will never be left alone long enough to fall asleep through normal means.

I see the “Allow Removal on Break” tooltip was clarified, but the setting in GeometryCollection it doesn’t appear to be there. This setting might actual pertain to the entire GC removal, which is not what I want either. I just want to remove, and respond to the removal of, the smallest bits.

Does anyone know if this functionality is available in Chaos yet, via blueprint or C++?