Can you make a UMG Fight button play a Matinee?

hey every one i am making a turn based JRPG and i need to be able to make my fight menu play a Matinee that i made, the matinee works perfect but i can only make it play from clicking an event button like the F key or some other event, but i need to some how make play from the button on my UMG menu, i have my concept almost done and this is the only real problem i am facing, if anyone can help, would be awesome!

It’s been awhile since you posted this. Did you figure it out or do you still need help?

I actually dont have the project anymore but i would try to make it again if i could figure this out, it was a really complicated set up but it would have worked if i could have figured out how to play a matinee with UMG button i had the matinee aleady scripted and it damaged the enemy when he attacked but i could never get it to work with the fight button just the F key or some other event key.