Can you lock the FPS?

To answer the second question: no, it will not harm your computer (at least not without “well, technically…” before any explanation – like revving up a fan that was about to die anyway). Especially now, processors (both CPUs and GPUs) are smart enough to down-volt (or up-volt) themselves if facing trouble. A GeForce 680, for instance, will adjust its clock frequency within about 100ms.

They will make sure the voltage and frequency they run at is suitable for 24/7 use, regardless of how much it is utilized.

It is fine to run a modern video card (ironically just about the same as the minimum requirements of Unreal Engine 4 – ~GeForce GTX 5X0 or AMD Radeon HD 5XXX) maxed-out forever. Even then, you only really get “maxed out” GPU usage in, like, Furmark… or the glitchy menu system that StarCraft 2 shipped with.

In other words? Don’t worry about it. CPU and GPU companies for the last four (or so) years have put in dedicated hardware to make sure that processors won’t cook themselves.

Hi Matt,

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that this code was repeated twice, once for the game FPS and another one for the editor FPS. Try changing the second usage of this code that is lower down in the Editor section. If you Ctrl+F and search for ‘bsmoothframerate’ it is easier to find.

Execute Console Command in Level Blueprint on Begin Play Event

It seems this does persist after reopening the editor. That’s how it should work, right? You mentioned it doesn’t persist. Has something changed?