Can you edit the camera for the third person template?

Looking to change camera distance, FOV, pitch and the usual stuff, but I only see reference to a variable called “FollowCamera” which i’m guessing is default engine stuff and I have no clue how to extend or make attributes tweakable for it.

If you open up your character blueprint, up at the top right you have something that shows:

Defaults > Components > Graph

Click on the Components section to see the mesh, camera, and other components included in the blueprint. If you click on the camera, you can then edit its properties. You can also drag it around to change its position.

Awesome, thanks!!! You can live edit in play mode too…this editor is amazing :slight_smile:

What’s the best way to modify these properties during gameplay via Blueprint?

With the 2D sidescroller example, I’m trying to make a Trigger which extends the SpringArm length on the Camera in the example MyCharacter, but not having any luck in getting Blueprint to give me a ‘Set’ action.

Hi Dan,

Drag your Spring Arm component from ‘My Blueprints’ into the graph and choose Get. Then you can drag off of that node and let go to get a list of actions you can perform on it, including Set TargetArmLength. This works for any other component or object variable as well, letting you do things on them.

Michael Noland

Apologies for possibly hijacking the thread.
Ok that makes sense after doing it and thinking about it!

I have a problem with compiling now where it’s complaining about “Get SpringArm1 uses an invalid target. It may depend on a node that is not connected to the execution chain, and got

I think you need to get the Spring Arm component from the PlayerController (not from ‘self’). There is a Blueprint node for that, I’m sure you’ll find it :slight_smile: