Can You Create Custom Skeletal Mesh Animations Inside the Engine?

I know that we can create cinematic animations within the engine, but I’m curious if we can make animations for a skeletal mesh with Unreal. Because I know we can keyframe inside of a premade animation and that the tools exist, this leads me to believe it’s possible, but I literally cannot find anything on the topic.

If it’s impossible to create them in the engine, could you reference me to some free animating tools that are quick to use?

Why would anyone?
It’s way worse than any animation software out there.

Either way, if you are intent on it, then control rig should get you there.

And as far as references. Just use blender.
It does quite well.

Primarily for prototyping or creating quick placeholders while your animators are still working on it. For me personally, I’m mostly skilled at programming, so being able to make quick animations for prototyping is something I’m after, I’d rather not have to learn another software (Blender) just to achieve super simple animations.

I’ll look into control rigging, thanks.