Can you combine a third person level menu to a Virtual Reality level?

For my final year project in college, my group and I are creating a game for people with Parkinson’s. We are using the VIVE but we are not using the headset, instead we have the headset mounted on a tripod so the user will only use the controllers.

For the game, I want to create the menu as the third person, so the user will use the keyboard to select the user, view scores, start game etc and once the user clicks start game, the virtual reality level where the game is will begin? Is this possible?

Yes it is possible. The easiest way is to create two distinct levels.

  • The first one is the loading level with the initial menu and will have stereo (VR) mode disabled. You can interact with this level with mouse/keyboard as needed. Once the selections have been made, you can Open from it the second level.
  • The second level will have stereo (VR) mode enabled. This level will render in VR and you can interact with it through the controllers, provided your VR pawn is properly set for it.
  • You can use a GameInstance BP to pass choices/settings from the first level to the second level.
    On a final note, it could be a bit tricky to have the HMD sitting on a tripod while you move around with the controllers, but I guess you tested this part and it works as expected.