Can you batch import assets?

I’m working on a project that was in full development, and we’re considering switching to Unreal. We have hundreds of meshes and textures that we would love to get into the engine, but we’re wondering if there’s a way to avoid hand importing each mesh and building each material. Diffuse, specular, normal, roughness textures are named consistently so that a single batch process could build most of our basic materials, with any typos or more complicated procedural materials being built separately by hand.

Materials seem to be able to be cut and pasted into and out of a text file, so we could conceivably do this with a simple .bat file, but the links are lost when you paste it back into Unreal, and we’d still have to have someone create and paste in hundreds of materials. If we have to brute force it we will, but we were hoping for a more elegant solution.

this docs page shows the fbx import options
you can import and create the materials with that option.

in reality i think you’ll find that you’ll have to re-build/adjust any material you create on import as each 3d program / game engine deals with textures/materials differently