Can you animate & rig Blender models with UE4, or is this planned?

Since my user experience with animating & rigging in Blender can be summarized as super frustrating (it takes longer then actually modelling, and i do not refer to animating), i wonder if there are plans for such a feature in Unreal, a tool or plug-in maybe? Blender is awesome for creating models, even for newbies, import with static stuff works too, but when it comes to animating and importing that to Unreal … then it’s a very bad.

This works with Maya …

Oh btw,

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Btw. Here is someone’s else experience

I dont think that there will be such a tool, but what exactly is frustrating? Probably we can help you so that your problems gets solved. :slight_smile:

FBX Converter is pretty awesome. Unreal doesn’t really care what middleware you use as long as you ultimately hand over your content as an FBX. The only reason it works so well with Autodesk middleware is because they automatically export FBX files.

Thanks fighter :slight_smile: Well i managed it, that was last week btw, and didn’t went back to animating yet. Currently modelling only, and begun texturing, building a space base, all with blender and that works very good.

The odd thing with animating, was the rigging part (didn’t tried rigify yet), and sometimes i had all in place and switched between edit and pose mode and then the pose got out of step with edit version and vis versa. That was very confusing. Will check this again later …

Hey unit23,

I know this problem which you are talking about. To prevent this I always keyframe all my bones to a T-Stance at the beginning.

Otherwise you can reset the bone rotation/location/scale by selecting all your bones in pose mode and hitting Alt+R / Alt+L / Alt+S.