Can you add subtitles to the youtube tutorials?

I have a very hard time watching the videos with the sound on due to my misophonia(no offense to the person talking in the tuts) and would really appreciate subtitles so I can watch the videos and know what is being said. I tried using youtube’s cc but only about every other word is correct and it is impossible to follow using it.

Hi Jay, this is a great request. Thanks for the feedback. We are in the process of implementing English subtitles in as many of our tutorials as possible. It’s taking some time but we are prioritizing based on popularity/unique views so far. Out of curiosity, which videos would be most helpful to you?

Thanks for responding. I was mainly interested in the blueprint videos, but plan on watching all of the videos. But please don’t change your work priority because of me though. When I posted this I was having a really bad day with my trigger sounds and barely got any sleep lately which just made it worse. I tried watching a few tutorials that day but couldn’t, but I rewatched some of them today and I was able to listen to them for the most part.