Can you access Blackmagic feeds or video content while playing a game?

I know you can access and change feeds or video content that is playing on a static mesh while in editor mode. But can you do this in a Game? If I compile a game and deliver a game executable to a client, is it possible for them to drop videos into a folder and then access them while playing the game.

Here’s the scenario. I have a model of a conference room. The client wants to be able to rehearse using VR HMD as if they were at the conference. I’d send them a compiled game to launch and then they’d want to pull in a PowerPoint on a mesh representing a teleprompter in the game. They’d then practice as if being there.

I know I do this in Editor mode. But can a Game hook content if it’s dropped into a specific folder that has been pathed properly to find it? I’m kind of new to UE so I can’t yet build a Blueprint to try to test this. Is this something UE is capable of?