Can we post Screenshots of the game in progress?

Is it ok for us to post screenshots up of our project on our site. showing just the
game environment without showing the editor, I be happy to also post up screenshots of my
game I’m working on also on here. For I’ve got a huge game project on my site and I need to show the development screenshots of the game. Although i’ve only just started building stuff with Unreal just a few days ago. The game is non-commercial found at

Is this a real question, or are you trying to trick traffic to your website?

You can see screenshots and video, as well as extensive video tutorials featuring games in all states and showing the Editor in detail. What gave you the impression that it was not ok?

You can make whatever screenshots you want, don’t need to crop out the editor–by the way there’s no royalties required for non-interactive media so you could sell renders and animations made with UE4 without paying anything.

If you want to post a work in progress of your project post in this section:

Actually some of the projects I’ve seen on here are pretty impressive. But that’s after you first spend a fortune down at the marketplace to get in all the necessary assets. I wasn’t 100% sure when it comes to using unreal if screenshots outside the main engine i.e, posting on a forum or on a web site to show the project that’s currently in development if that fine, for when I had UDK before I moved to Unreal 4.8 and then to 4.12 I knew that you had to buy a commercial license after you sold off so many copies off of your game to give back royalties to Epic or something like that if you plan on selling your game on the commercial market for wide mass distribution.

Developer questions.

What happened to the rigged vehicles?, they used to be in UDK but not in 4.12. No weather procedural system, oh you get a moving sky and sun, but where is the procedural weather?

Where is the cookie Cutter Brush to cut holes in solid brushes? There is none that I can see so brushes have now become 3d meshes so you can only resize them.

Has Unreal got a make human Plugin fix yet to fix the
twisting problem in the arms and legs of the rigs?

For water, it looks like you have to just assign a scrolling water material now. Wouldn’t the Gertzner wave be better?

  • Why dosen’t PLAYER_START come equipped with a
    start dummy in 4.12 like it did in 4.8? Where’s the game camera dissapeared to? by default the engine should already have a player start mesh and also a 3d game camera with a socket you can adjust the height of
    the game camera.

What are the known Limits to 4.12? is there a known list of limits so we can know how far we can push the engine before it starts getting unstable and causing crashes?

  • Can the engine handle a thousand of my flags?, two thousand, can it handle three thousand? to keep track of everything that’s going on in my game?

How can it handle thousands of lines of dialog? Downside I see to blueprints, if you have too many of them, its gonna crash or slow down the engine.

Why can’t the free Maxiamo rigs work in 4.12? I keep gettting, incompatiable version when you try to install it?

Has anyone broke the engine or their computer yet?