Can we go back to the old forums?

Can we go back to the old forums??? I have no idea how to use these for hte most part… Doesn’t seem like we can create our own tags. Most the time i cant even ask a question because it asks me to enter a version… but i can never find the version or the tag for hte version… it simply doesnt work and is a broken mess. Does epic test this? Whoever made this should be fired… seriously. This person is terrible at his or her job. I come here for help with the engine… i shouldn’t need to try to get help using a website… Its rediculous.

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+1… Big fan of the engine (3 versions now). Big fan of Sweeney and Epic’s legacy. But support is just awful on here. Most days its just us users talking to ourselves. On other days users are merely unpaid Epicsoft testers. For example, Forum bugs only get discovered because a few of us take the time to call Epic staff repeatedly to threads and give detailed repros like here. I’ve been highlighting bugs in the forums for over a year now (especially lost images). There’s still so many lost or broken images or broken links to images, not forgetting PM’s which is a real loss! But the thing is Epic don’t really use this platform themselves so they don’t see the problems!

So who takes responsibility for support ultimately?

Its sad. There was a time on here when the forums were so inundated with positive energy that volunteers were offering to help Epic in incredible ways. From offering to help write the docs to making tutorials to uploading Community-Tools learning projects to even offering to help vet marketplace products. That’s all gone now!!! So even if all forum bugs are fixed, Epic staff will still continue to contribute almost nothing on here because that’s how things are. I think the front-line workers (those linked below) are trying. But who has ultimate responsibility for taking the big decisions? Whose the invisible hand further up the Epic food-chain responsible for support? Does anyone at Epic even read feedback threads anymore including those about the Docs.

Doesn’t seem like it. No senior staff ever post on here.

So whoever is running the show its time they were fired. Sorry, just holding up a mirror here. But Epic has let so many Pro-Developers abandon this channel completely. So now most posts on here each day are of really low-quality (low-value). That’s a crime for such a great engine. :wink:

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The forums are hilarious. Epic should have focused more on transferring the previous LIKES / VOTING system to the new forums instead of forcing a super-strict teacher-like categorization system on users. Example… You want to make a minor change to edit an old post??? Good luck, you’re likely to get stuck in a 10 minute loop of endlessly trying to save the edit. Why? You’re not allowed to proceed unless you categorize the original post first. This is such BS anyway, as it often takes too long to find the best answer anymore without the old LIKE system to steer you (especially in long threads or cross-linked posts). For example, take this little gem of a gotcha:

You still have all the edge-cases or broken threads that Epic don’t know about or simply don’t want to fix. Take this one. Open it on mobile with javascript off. Then click on next page? Error:

Apart from all the threads that still have broken images, there are interesting WTF threads around where Epic simply swept the dirt under the rug (tried to bury errors when posts / threads didn’t actually migrate over). Look at posts allocated to SYSTEM (a MOD account). There are threads there that are so broken they make for fun reading! Hope UE5 has better edge-case testing. :grin: But hey who cares if Epic fixes any of this. However, the next time Epic staff stand around at a BBQ high-fiving or slapping each other on the back saying: what a great job we did?

Remember, you didn’t really earn it. :stuck_out_tongue:

First off… That’s a lot of negativity and most of it uncalled for. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into creating a whole new platform from scratch and it’s very much a work in progress with functionality added daily. Saying people should be fired because functionality X or Y that you judge more important than others, seems a bit too much.

I think all criticism when done properly is a welcome one, I know you are frustrated but the way you’re approaching the criticism is not beneficial for any party. Just give feedback on what you think should be improved without going on this crazy rants about bbq and firing people… what exactly that adds to your request anyway?

A forum, before anything else, is a community and a community is built when people interact with it. Unfortunately the Unreal Database is scattered in discord channels, Facebook groups, etc.
I for one returned to the forum because I liked the new hub. I imagine more people will be doing the same as more content is shared on the learning tab.
So if community is something important for you, a good idea will be to invite more people over so we can foster a more positive and active community.

Would be awesome for the forums to be more active than discord, but that also takes time…
I hope that you get to see the positive side of what people are working on and maybe collaborate to improve the forum too.

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its a problem when the new platform created from scratch is worse then the old one… In fact its nearly unuseable in some cases… no instrucitons… just sorry … enter a version which we will not let u enter… Sorry… posting to a forum shouldnt be akin to hacking a computer.

My point is development on a game is frustrating enough to not have to deal with an unuseable forum… A place that used to offer answers to questions that now often cannot be used to ask questions with its current functionality…

The old forums were extremely active and functional… The old Answers hub for unreal was “epic”… as in good. Dont fix whats not broken is what i say… and they went and broke it. Basically whoever called the shots on this one should probably be demoted or replaced. Sorry…


Would be beneficial to maybe, if you got time for that, make a list of functionalities that you think are broken or missing. Maybe order from most important ones to less important and that way when the team responsible for the forums see it, they know what to prioritize.

The old forum also took a while to be on the top shape… Stuff needs to be updated over time to account for new features and security.

I get your frustration, but we can make something positive out of it, just listing the stuff that needs immediate attention.

What do you think should be the top priority?

That’s not the point being made here dude. Look at something someone else wrote this week:

I think there’s a clear difference about the way you’re approaching it than the person who you linked here… just saying.


For sure… Calling for someone’s head is a little strong. Its more about words being used for dramatic effect than anything else tbh. But lets acknowledge that someone else started this thread and there are plenty of others who feel that Epic don’t care much about the forums. You only have to glance though some of Hourences survey threads to see this.

Some of us are just trying to convince Epic that while the new forums are something maybe, their lack of interaction on here is dooming the forums. After all, if we’re just talking to ourselves most of the time what does that really achieve? For example, Unity devs have commented that their community is a lot better. There’s official reps on there that interact regularly with developers and help to channel feedback and bugs and so on. Epic used to do this too, but then completely stopped. It really is worth looking back at some of the comments in Hourences survey threads (to see which feedback Epic listened to and which they completely ignored), and also to look at where this feedback originally started.

There is a choice to be made here. Either abandon the forums like so many others have done in the last 5 years in silence or silent failure and say nothing and let things continue as they are. Or say something and try and push for change or a nod back to when the forums were a lot better. :wink: You mention giving it time. Maybe / maybe not. I’m less optimistic that devs are likely to return unless Epic are pressured to interact more on here. For every thread that gets a reply from Epic staff, there’s another 9 to 99 that get zero replies… Just sayin…

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im not worried about their interaction. I’m worried about the functionality. Its trash.

Sure… But if we don’t push Epic to interact a bit more on here, how will they even see the bug reports for the forums or any other issue dude? The problem is, Epic don’t use the forums - not really, so they don’t see the problems with any of the functionality - not really. :wink:

Instead you have to beg them to even look with multiple pings / pm’s / threads, and then most of the time they don’t reply anyway. So saying you’re not worried about Epic interacting makes no sense unless you believe Epic always read ALL of the feedback threads anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

im not going to say someone should be fired for them not talking to us. Thats not their job. I’m saying the person who broke the forums website… did a poor job.

It is good the way it is now