Can we fix the "post a question" button?

So I just wrote out my question and hit the “Post A Question” button and much to my surprise, my question wasn’t posted. Instead, I was brutally reminded that I need to press the “Ask Your Question” button because the “Post A Question” decided that my question wasn’t worth asking and gave me brand new form.

Can we please for the love of all things reword those buttons and if there’s text in the question box to check with the user to make sure that they know they are about to lose their question if they travel away from the page or accidentally hit the wrong button?

Oh for the love of all things, please fix this issue! I just spent 10 - 15 minutes on a question and accidentally hit the “Post A Question” button on accident instead of the “Ask Your Question” button. It’s such a simple feature. I bet someone could implement a fix within an hour. This is driving insane.