Can we add Streaming Levels not through the editor?

I’m trying to stream all the levels of my game, and to cut down on the size of a level, each level is made up of it’s own sub-levels.
In order to stream the other levels (and their sub levels) they must all be sub levels of my Main_Persistent level.

Well my Main_Persistent is getting to be incredibly huge. Adjusting some things isn’t bad since I can change the blueprint and objects in the Main_Persistent by adding it as a sub-level to another level for editing purposes, since that doesn’t load all of it’s sub-levels. But It is starting to get out of hand. If I ever have to open it up, such as when I add another sub level to Main_Persistent, it takes forever to load, especially when it needs to rebuild shaders for every level.

Is there a way to add, or have a list of Streaming Levels for my Main_Persistent, without having to view/load ALL of them in the editor?

Thanks for any help!

#Yes You Can!

To be clear the question I believe is whether levels have to be added to the Levels listing, making them an official sublevel, which causes them to be loaded in the editor viewport.

And the answer is, Yes, you can load levels without having to add them to the level listing!!

I’ve created a BP node of some C++ code that will allow you to

  • load as many instances of a level as you want
  • load these levels with any location/rotation offset that youwant
  • show/hide and unload the level from BP any time you want

This is part of my Victory BP Library Plugin
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