Can UE's render target support temporal AA?

Hi all, I had create a new render target, and push a SceneCapture2D to scene, and then enable the temporal AA on SceneCapture2D’s “Misc” section. But it doesn’t work.
How to enable UE’s render target’s temporal AA? I had try all ways and it no effect.
Does UE’s render target support temporal AA?

Sorry for my poor english.


Can anybody help me? I had try many methods, but failed.

It won’t work quite like that, as the TAA relies on having several frames of data to smooth out the jaggies. I believe for the TAA setting to work, you have to be looking at the results in the level… not sure on this though…

Thanks for your reply. I had rendered the scene like this:
1.create a first person project.
2. create a level, which has some buildings and trees.
3.render the scene, it ran well. “MyCharacter” blueprint, add a scenecapture2d component.
5.create a render target, and set the scenecapture2d’s Scane Capture(Texture Target) attach to.
6.create a material attach to the render texture.
7.create a widget blue print, push a image button to the UI, and set the material as the render target material.
8.on the level blue print, create the widget, and add to viewport.

It ran well but the trees Flicker so much on the rtt, and the original window didn’t. I had set the scenecapture2d’s temporal AA method, it didn’t work.
And if i turn off the project setting’s TAA, the original window also Flicker.

How can i deal with this?

Thankyou very much.

I had set the scenecapture2d’s capture source to “Final Color”, not “Scene Color”, I think the TAA is to work because the buildings has less jaggies. But why the trees Flicker so much?

Can anybody help me? I had tried so many method, it didn’t work.