Can UE4 run on this PC?

Hello everyone,
first of all let me apologize if this is the wrong section for this question.
To the point:
I’m thinking abou getting the license for UE4 which looks amazing imho. But first wanted to test it on this PC so a week ago a friend of mine installed his already bought copy of UE4 on my pc to try it out (sorry if this is not allowed i didn’t had the intention to use it illegally or any other weird thing).
So following the basic level tutorial with Zak Parrish i tried to replicate the same level. Then i started to feel how the “ambient” was heating up. I touched the pc and was almost literally burning… but thought it was “normal” then i kept on my way doing the level. After about 20 minutes an strange sound started from within the pc and it started to smell like it was burning up or something like that…
Here i am now with a new power supply; yeah that’s what burned up while using UE4
So is this normal? I mean can a software like UE4 burns my power supply?

My pc spec are:
AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core Processor @3.60GHz
64bit Windows 7
1 GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

I think maybe my graphic card is not that powerful but then shouldn’t it slow down the frames per second while in ue4?
The engine worked flawlesly with no slowdown of any kind.
I don’t know what to do. Right now its too risky for me to get the license :confused:

Any help is appreciated,
thanks in advance!

And sorry for the block ‘’

AMD cpu’s are known to heat up faster than intel and your cpu is quite old so you should expect it to warm the room quite often(while building lights and shaders especially) Your GPU is capable of handling UE4 - i have a gtx 460 which is even slower than your 6800 i suppose but i can easily work in the editor. There are options to slow the procesing in the editor; you can set scalability settings to lower settings and you can also cap framerate, which also helps a lot with the gpu. And make sure you dont turn Realtime on the viewport all the time.

So to sum it up, yes, your computer can run UE4 without a problem but still, make sure your computer has a reasonable air circulation to cool itself.

Thank you very much. I tested it again setting scalability settings to lowest, capped framerate to 30fps and then turned realtime off.

Right now my level looks like it was from a ps2 game lol but oh well no much heating up this time. GPU was at 59º at max with realtime activated…
So i think this is the way i can use UE4.

You should be able to work fine with scalability set to High and Realtime turned off. You dont need real time update unless you are testing a particle system or an animation or something inside the level. Oh, and also turn Real-Time Thumbnails off if it is on in Content Browser > Bottom right corner > View Options.

Thank you once again ^^ I tested today with settings in High and RT off and the gpu was at 31º at max. I also disabled the Real-Time Thumbnails. I think it’s now safe to work with it (it’s a shame i can’t record full quality videos because as soon as i enable RT everything starts to heat up then i get scared of any hardware getting burned again but oh well)

No problem! Btw, if 59-60C is the hottest it gets you can do whatever you like without a problem. That’s not high for a GPU. You can start to get worried at 80C and maybe start to panic above 90*C though. :slight_smile:

When my power supply burned up the gpu was around 70º/75º but looks like the rest of the hardware was way worse… i think.