Can UE4 do what I want?

Hello everyone, I am trying to find out if udk will work for me and my team or if anyone has any other suggestions for how we should go about achieving what we want to do.
First of all I will say that we are in a learning experience and are not all that experienced, but always learning as much as possible.

My question is if udk has the capacity for the game features I will be listing, regardless of whether we currently have the talent to make them real at this point.
Or if these are things that would require the creation of our own engine.

We need:
-hexagonal chunks(really just premade hexagonal terrain zones that can be loaded and displayed individually)
-mmo like multi-player(I already know mmo’s are difficult, don’t worry we want to slowly expand and add more players to a persistent world, that’s all)
-bullet physics(need real bullet travel and time)

If anyone knows the answers to these questions I would really appreciate the help. Thanks!

do you mean UDK(UE3) or UE4?, this forum is for UE4, if your talking about UDk you might want to post this on the UDk forum as you will get a better response, heres a link

I am going to assume you are talking about Unreal Engine 4. UDK = Unreal Engine 3. Pretty much yes to everything for both UDK and UE4 anyway.

For UE4 you are going to need C++ for the MMO aspects at this time(but perhaps not by the time you get to that point). Bullet physics and hexagonal terrain can be accomplished in blueprint(unless you want to do a lot of tweaking of the physics that already exist, then you will need C++). You might find that you need C++ for other things as well, but that will be case by case and will really depend on what you hope to accomplish.

Thanks for the answers. Yes I was talking about UE4, sorry I wasn’t clear. And that is fine for needing c++ as I am getting to be a decent programmer, I just didn’t want to have to try and create my own engine from the ground up. I am not that good lol. Just need confirmation that what I needed was possible. So again thank you!

Changed title to more accurately describe your question so users with similar questions can find this thread.

It can do what you want, but a better question is can you do what you want