Can this computer run unreal engine in a way?
(My version will have 8GB RAM, besides that, everything is the same as in the page)

I run it on a Lenovo Y560 laptop with 8GB RAM … the difference between mine and yours (besides some of the hardware) is your system will use a Mobile Graphics Card (Up to NVIDEA® GeForce 820M with 2G VRAM) which is primarily your problem.

The 2G VRAM means it uses your normal RAM to power the Graphics Card and the GeForce Mobile chips are bad. My Lenovo y560 comes with a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 - 1 GB … which is not a mobile chip and is not a VRAM card … the laptop runs very hot but it handles UE4 reasonably well.

I need to turn down some settings in order to run it at a respectable level … IMHO … you will not be able to run UE4 effectively with the machine you have indicated.

The CPU and RAM are more than sufficient … but your Graphics is the problem and throwing more RAM will not actually help … primarily because of the mobile chip.

Please note, this is my experience with GeForce mobile chipsets (I have a Acer Travelmate 7370 laptop as well and my Lenovo outperforms it hands down) … thanks.

I have a Lenovo y510p with 755M GT card.

It goes below 15 FPS in the main UE4 viewport I turn the display mode to ‘Unlit’ then it will run much better.

any pc can run UE4. Even my dual core amd with 4 gigs of ram. Can you do something worth while with it no. Stick with Desktop and a dedicated video card. i5, 16 gig ram, GTX 740, SSD and so on.