Can’t teleport player to location

Hi, I put an editable teleporter_device in my class, added the device into that and then did example.Teleport(Player), the problem is that it did nothing when I actually tried it.

Maybe I didn’t understand it well on how it worked. Could someone help me?

.Teleport teleports the player to the teleporter_device that you have instantiated. If you want the player to teleport to another teleporter_device use example.Activate(Agent:agent), this will teleport the player to the target group that is assigned to RiftA:


 TeleportToRiftB(PlayerEntered : agent) : void =

You don’t actually need any code for this as the rift will automatically teleport you to the target group that is associated with it. Make sure your destined rift has this teleporter group!
Screenshot 2023-04-28 170256